Persian Kowsar Hotel-Isfahan

The 138 room hotel started up in the year 1971 in the name of Isfahan Sheraton Hotel operated under management contract of Sheraton Hotels Chain .

Isfahan Parsian Kowsar Hotel  started  construction on a 10700 square meter  piece of land in the year 1968 ,located at the beautiful  Zayandeh  Rood river side and close  to historical Siosepol bridge which is one of the important tourist attractions of Isfahan.

The hotel changed it’s name to Isfahan  Kourosh International Hotel in less than one year until  year 1979.

Right after Islamic Revolution the hotel name changed to Ghods Hotel, and after one year renamed and operated as a 132 room Isfahan Kowsar Hotel. The hotel now is under Parsian  International Hotels Holding  and in the name of Isfahan Parsian Kowsar Hotel.The hotel started renovation in the year 2004 and right  then added 40 more rooms to the existing capacity to add up 171 rooms and suites.

The development of second phase was completed and started up on 2013 adding 24 suites to make the total of 194 rooms and suites  and later another 31 room project started which came in operation lately to add up the capacity to 225 rooms and suites including health club and fitness centre plus indoor multy story parking lots.

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