Pamchal Hotel-Tehran

Tehran Pamchal Hotel, is a Three ( 3 ) Stars hotel in tehran. located in central part of city and imminent to Enghelab square.

Easy access to business center and currency exchange, hospital, Ferdowsi square and central market of tehran.

Hotel Facilities: Single room, twin, suits, Coffee shop and satellite, luxury restaurant, Free wifi, private parking, telephone and fax.

Transfer to hotel with bus, minibus and taxi.

Contact information

  • Website:
  • Email: PamchalHotel.Teh @ Gmail .com
  • Phone: +982188845535+ , 982188312951+ , 982188307231+ , 982188307232
  • Fax: +982188312953
  • Address: No .22, Saqeb alley, South Mofateh st, Tehran, Iran

Hotel facilities

  • Parking
  • Airport transportation
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop

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