Bistoon Laleh-Kermanshah

Laleh Bistoon Hotel in Kermanshah is one of two five-star hotels in the province. But it is a peculiar one. “Why peculiar?” You might ask. Well because it is a 400 years old caravanserai near Bisotun Inscription, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Most people think that caravanserais are obsolete and can only serve as historic sights. Laleh International Hotels Group challenged such statements by turning the four-century old caravanserai into a deluxe hotel. For most Iranians staying in Bistoon Hotel in Kermanshah is the materialization of their childhood fairy tales: a grand caravanserai at the foothills of a giant rock with a beautiful courtyard and chambers each of which evoke an ancestral memory with their lovely iwans and delicate arches. Such a unique combination of authenticity and modern comfort has made Laleh Bistoon Hotel the most popular accommodation in Kermanshah and its booking process a real challenge. Laleh Hotel is one of the finest Iranian traditional accommodations and if you are a luxury traveler, there is no place that could top that. But opulence isn’t every one’s preference especially when travelling on a limited budget. For such people we recommend the wonderful cheap accommodations in Kermanshah. The first choice for many are the great diversity of Kermanshah’s cheap hotels. They include three and two-star hotels in Kermanshah plus a few apartment hotels. Kermanshah’s hotels are great in so many levels. First of all, you can find them near the top-rated tourists destinations. And second, Kermanshah hotels have online booking services. If you cannot stomach the formal atmosphere of hotels and still wondering where to stay in Kermanshah, we have at least two other superb suggestions for you. Youth hostels are highly recommended by people who have stayed a day or two in Kermanshah. Cheap hostels appeared in Iran only a few years ago but now they are serious competitors in Iran’s hospitality market. There are a few cheap hostels in Kermanshah with a fantastic international vibe and amazing staff. You will have a great time in these youthful lodges but what if you’d desire a more traditional budget accommodation? That is where the old guesthouses in Kermanshah enter the picture. They are cheap and basic but the rooms are typically clean and the staff very helpful and friendly.

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