Kerman City

Kerman City

The long history of Kerman city, which covers thousands of years, has often witnessed war, peace, destruction and construction. Although this city was several times subject to invasions by different nations and tribes during the history, today it is one the most advanced cities of Iran. Kerman is 1,755 m above sea level and lies at s distance of 1,038 km from Tehran. Shah Nematolah Vali, the famous poet and sufi of Lerman, is buried in a beautiful shrine that attracts many tourists.

Kerman covers an area of 181,814 km2, and is considered as the second largest province of Iran, located in the southeastern parts of the country. It is surrounded by the provinces of Khorasan on the north, yazd and Fars on the northwest and west respectively, Hormozgan on the south and Sistan va Baluchestan on the east .The province has a capital by the same name, and 17 large and small towns.  Other major towns of Kerman are Baft, Bardsir , bam, Jiroft, Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Shahre Babak, Kahnooj and Zarand.  According to the latest census, the population of this province was 2,004,328 in 1996. A small number of the population is migrant tribes. This province has extensive animal husbandry and agriculture. Its major produce are fruit, pistachios, cotton, grains and sugar beet. Kerman is also rich in mineral – based industries. The world’s best quality copper is exploited from Kerman’s Saecheshme copper mine. Iron and coal are other major metals of this province. Lying on the borders of the large desert of loot, Kerman possesses a dry climate in its north, northwestern and central parts. The humidity increases in the southern parts, but the rainfall in this province is very little and irregular. The average temperature of Kerman city, the capital, is 19.1°C in spring, 24.4°C in summer, 11.3°C in autumn, and 3.3°C in winter. In a study carried out over a 30-year period, the average annual temperature of this city was established at 15.4°C; average relative humidity at 06:30 hours, 65% and at 12:30 hours, 37%; average amount of annual rainfall was 147.5 mm; maximum rainfall per day 60 mm; average number of days with the temperature below0°C, 96.1; average number of sunny hours over the entire year, 3,114.6; and the maximum wind speed, 48.5 meters per second, blowing in the direction of 270°.

Major Natural Features

Halilrood, with a length of 378 km, is the most important river of this province, which pours into Jazmooriyan Lake. Other major rivers flowing into this lake are Roodshour Gaz with a length of 100 km and Roodshour, 85 km long. Jazmooriayn lake is the largest lake of this region which, during the dry season, loses its water and at times become completely dry. This province possesses a number of mineral water whose water is used for hydrotherapy by the people of the region and by tourist. Because it borders the desert, Kerman province has particular attractions, and those who are interested in nature can enjoy the beautiful views of this region. The impressive highlands and the diverse flora and fauna of the region are also great source of attraction. There are number of pleasant country sides in the province amongst which can be mentioned, Prince Mahan’s Garden, Joopar, Kouh Paye, Maskun, Bagh Sangi and the Bonan mountain. Parts of Iran’s central range, which has several peaks over 4,000 m high, are among them.

Major Monuments

Name: Bam Citadel (Arge Bam)

Type: Military Castle

Description: this castle was used as a city, till about 150 years ago. It is about 20,000 m2 and is surrounded by 38 watchtowers. This ancient city which used to be equipped with all the necessary facilities for people to live in at times of siege is now considered as one of the most prominent monuments of Iran.

Name: Bam New Citadel

Type: recreation and tourism complex. Description: next to Bam Old Citadel. A recreational and tourist complex which consist of number of luxurious hotels, garden and groves, restaurants

Name: Ganjali Khan Bathhouse

Type: An ancient bathhouse. Description: This ancient bathhouse is ornamented with fine plaster and tile work.

Name: Ebrahim Khan Complex

Type: school, bazaar, water. Description: A collection of a bathhouse, school, bazaar, old water reservoir. This complex has very impressive badgir or natural ventilation system.

Name: Jame Mosque (Friday Mosque)

Type: Mosque. Description: This is one of the most magnificent mosques of Iran, with separate summer and winter halls.

Name: Kerman’s Original Bazaar

Type: Bazaar. Description: This bazaar was constructed and expanded throughout many eras and under many dynasties. It is Iran’s longest bazaar.

Name: Moshtaghiye Dome

Type: Tomb. Description: This monument, which is also known as the “Three Domes”, is the tomb of three of Kerman’s past notables.

Name: Imamzadeh Shah Hussein

Type: Tomb and religious shrine. Description: This tomb is situated 30 km south of Kerman.

Name: Shahzadeh Garden (Prince Mahan’s Garden)

Type: Garden and. Description: The remarkable building and garden are located 6 km from Mahan.


Ganjali Khab Bathhouse Museum: Anthropology museum

Historic museum of sacred defense: museum of photographs of war martyrs, war soils and armaments.

Coin museum: this is the building of an ancient mint, where many different coins and banknotes are kept.

Sannati Museum: Museum of statues and paintings created by Sanaati, one of the Masters of Iran.

Shah Nematolah Vali Museum: the presents offered by people to Shah Nematolah Vali are put on display in this museum.

Other monuments

Kerman: Vakil Complex, Ganjali Khan Bazaar, Arg Square, Shah Nematolah Vali Shrine, Chehar Sough Caravanserais, Green Dome, Nasery Gate

Jiroft: Samooran Castle

Bardsir: Negar Tower

Rafsanjan: Sabahi Mosque, Shah Soleiman

Sirjan: Mir Zobeyr Tomb


Kerman’s carpets are undoubtedly the most famous and precious carpets of Iran and the world. They have their own particular designs and colors. Other major handicrafts of this province are Patte Duzi, kilim and jajim.

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