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Dariush Grand Hotel

City: Kish Island

The palace of high ambition of the Persians will last forever in history because the Persians with their old culture and civilization do not let their ancestral culture to be lost. When Islam was invited to Iran and efforts of educated and wise men of this land increased its power, the blue sky of the […]

Marina Park Hotel-Kish

City: Kish Island

Marina Park Hotel, located in the Kish free-zone Island next to the azure waters of the Persian Gulf began its activity in 2011 with the goal of satisfying its dear customers. Now after 6 years, we are honored that the hotel with kind and efficient staff has been able to take steps in line with […]

Ghasr Hotel-Mashhad

City: Mashhad

Palace International Hotel Mashhad with a distance of less than 800 meters from the shrine of Imam Reza holy city of Mashhad in the most beautiful street in the center of the city. The hotel features in addition to having all the amenities (restaurants, theaters, shops and varied, etc.) close to the main shopping centers […]

Homa 2 Hotel-Mashhad

City: Mashhad

A luxury hotel in a quiet corner of Mashhad, Homa Hotel is a sophisticated and secluded retreat set in an expansive park with manicured gardens, a selection of pretty suites and apartments, and a delightful banqueting salon, all within easy access to the city’s attractions. The comfortable suites and apartments are beautifully furnished with high […]

Ghasr Talaee International Hotel-Khorasan Razavi-Mashhad

City: Mashhad

Ghasr Talaee International Hotel™ is the largest and the most luxurious hotel in the country. Haj Mahmoud Sezavar and his son Haj Amir Sezavar founded the hotel in 1386. After the death of Haj Mahmoud Sezavar Darbandi in March 1387, his second son continued the family operation. The hotel was designed using the unique architectural […]

Bistoon Laleh-Kermanshah

City: Kermanshah City

Laleh Bistoon Hotel in Kermanshah is one of two five-star hotels in the province. But it is a peculiar one. “Why peculiar?” You might ask. Well because it is a 400 years old caravanserai near Bisotun Inscription, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Most people think that caravanserais are obsolete and can only serve as historic […]

Persian Hotel-Kermanshah

City: Kermanshah City

The five star Parsian Kermanshah Hotel is one of 22 well-equipped and professional service hotels of Parsian International Hotels Group, we are the destination of choice for today’s business and holiday traveller. The hotel offers 100 rooms including single, double and royal suites. All rooms have broadband internet, satellite, full mini-bar, air conditioning, personal box and […]

Pars Hotel-Kerman

City: Kerman City

Pars International Kerman Hotel was established in 2002 on an area of ​​32,000 square meters and with an infrastructure of 24,000 square meters including 8 floors including parking and piloting.


Attraction In Mashhad

Imam Reza Shrine Complex The Imam Reza Shrine Complex, known as the Haram-e Razavi, dominates the city centre and needs several visits to properly appreciate the scope of its magnificence. With seven massive courtyards, and a total area of nearly 600,000 square metres, by some measures it is the largest mosque in the world. The […]

Attractions In Isfahan

Imam Mosque Naqsh-e Jahan Square (also known as Imam Square) is the overwhelmingly impressive central attraction of Esfahan, which features a number of architectural wonders. At the southern edge of the square, which stretches over half a kilometre in length, is the Imam Mosque (or Shah Mosque). Completed in 1629, the UNESCO world heritage site […]

Attractions In Yazd

Amir Chakhmaq Complex Yazd’s architectural centrepiece, the Amir Chakhmaq complex is located in the heart of the city, in a square of the same name. The imposing three-storey façade flaunts a number of beautifully symmetrical iwans, which light up and glow after sunset. It is one of the largest hosseiniehs in the country (buildings used […]

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